Bridal Trends - Prepare for your dream wedding!


Bridal Trends - Prepare for your dream wedding!

As 2024 unfolds, our attention is focused on the latest trends for brides.

With that in mind, Ekiss Global has selected for you 10 of the main beauty trends for brides, including hairstyles and make-up ideas.
Explore these novelties!

1 - Natural make-up and blushed skin
Natural makeup continues to be a strong trend this year. The idea is to highlight the features of the face with a natural, luminous look, without overdoing it. For this summer, the trend is to highlight freckles, natural marks and the glow on the face resulting from exposure to the sun, using moisturizing and illuminating products.

2 - Vibrant lips with strong colors
Despite the popularity of natural makeup, vibrant lips are on the rise. Classic red lipstick continues to be a popular choice, especially at the spring/summer fashion shows. Brides can opt for vibrant lips in shades of deep red or coral to add a touch of color to their look.

3 - Soft eye shadows
Soft shadows in neutral tones such as brown are perfect for brides who prefer a more natural look, adding depth to the eyes without overdoing it.

4 - Sculpted eyebrows
Well-defined eyebrows are essential for framing the face. This year, the trend is to maintain their natural shape by combing them upwards and subtly correcting flaws.

5 - Highlighted lashes
Highlighted lashes are still on trend, complementing both natural and more elaborate make-up looks.

6 - Natural hair
Natural beauty dominates when it comes to hairstyles. Loose or half-up styles are elegant and simple choices, enhancing the natural textures of the hair.

7 - Fairycore
This delicate, almost heavenly style is ideal for brides looking to add a touch of romance and magic to their look, with micro braids and flowers in the hairstyle.

8 - Hairstyles with braids
Braids continue to be a popular choice, offering versatility in romantic styles, from cascading braids to herringbone.

9 - Low buns and chignons
Simple and elegant, low buns are a strong trend, ideal for combining with more natural make-up and discreet accessories.

10 - 90s style accessories
The 90s influence inspires accessories such as vintage tiaras, hairpins and ribbons, which should be combined harmoniously with the bride's dress.


How can Ekiss Global help you achieve these looks?
Ekiss Global products are essential for creating these styles, ensuring that every bride feels unique and radiant on her big day. From hair care products that keep hair healthy and shiny to styling solutions that perfectly fix any hairstyle, Ekiss Global offers everything you need for the perfect bridal look!



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